Hearing God’s Voice

This blog is about the prophetic word, so an explanation of what prophetic word is, is in order, but so is an explanation of why I think I can hear the word of the Lord spoken to me. For those of you who are Christians, the explanation is easy, however, for those reading this who are unfamiliar with the stance of a Christian, a little more complicated to define.
First of all, the Bible teaches us about God, about His existence, and about His plan for mankind. Apart from the Bible, no concept of God can be accurate, as left up to man’s own understanding of who God is, much error will result.
Yes, I know there are many interpretations of who God is, those written, and those formed in the mind of one’s own imagination or experience. However, there are not unlimited ways to comprehend God. The Bible says there is only one true God. A god formed from the imagination of mankind is impotent, limited by man’s mental capacity, however, the Bible gives an explanation of who God is and how we can come to know Him by reading the scriptures written by those who were given revelation directly from Him.
If we uphold the Bible as God’s word given to mankind for the purpose of coming into knowledge and understanding of who He is and of His plan for the world He created, things are put into perspective. It is with this premise that these pages are written.
I have been a Christian for over forty years. I heard the message of who God is through someone who shared the scriptures regarding mankind’s dilemma, the separation of man from his creator because of the sinful human nature. It made sense to me that I was a sinner, that I was cut off from a holy God, and that I needed to accept God’s method of restoring right relationship with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus’ life on the cross, a death he paid for the freedom of mankind from its sinful nature. It was not just the words spoken that convicted me of my need for Jesus, but the power of the Holy Spirit at work along with the words that reached me..
So the Holy Spirit was also involved with the conversion of my life, out of the sinful nature and into a new nature in Jesus through a spiritual awakening. Though difficult to understand how a holy God could reunite Himself with those who would believe in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and why He chose this way to bridge the gap between sinful mankind and Himself, once taking the step to believe and to receive it, my transformation began.
According to scripture, anyone who takes this step becomes a “new creation” in Jesus, no longer a citizen of Earth, but of Heaven, taking on a new nature, the nature of Jesus, one not obligated to sin, but free from the power of sin, released from sin’s hold, and in God’s eyes, holy as He is holy, and having access to Him through prayer.
But God the creator chooses not to be distant from His creation. He wants to have fellowship with those who have been restored back to Him. He wants to speak to those who want to hear, to reveal what is on His heart, what is His will and intention toward those who believe Him. This is what I consider to be the prophetic word, a word spoken directly from Him to me.
Because this is a blog and I am limited by time and space, this writing will have to suffice as an introduction to hearing God and why I have the confidence to format in print what I hear Him saying. I hope you will stay posted and follow as I continue to unfold my explanation for being able to hear God’s voice and present the things I hear Him saying to this generation.


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